What makes an escape room fun? Solving puzzles with your friends, co-workers or family and working together to get out. The excitement of trying to solve everything in a limited amount of time. Even when you fail, it’s still a lot of fun if the game is well designed.

But what makes an escape room memorable? To make it memorable an escape room needs to have an interesting setting, strong production values, and most importantly, surprises. When things happen in an escape room that you didn’t see coming, those unexpected moments, whether scary or exciting, make an impression on you and you remember them long after you finish playing.

That’s our singular goal at Incredible Escape Rooms: To provide you with a well designed, exciting and memorable gaming experience. Everything we do is toward that end.

We hope you will come visit us and that we exceed your expectations for creativity, fun, and excitement. If anything about your visit disappoints you, please let us know and we’ll make it right.