Spirit Trap

From: $79.98


Can you escape … with your lives?

Stories about the old dilapidated house at the end of Cranston Street go back for decades but no one knows what really happened there. Supposedly the house was built in the early 1900s and the first death there was during construction. Rumors say that anyone who ever lived there suffered and the last people to live there were a young family back in the 1970s whose 8 year old daughter Michelle died under strange circumstances. A year later, to the day, her baby brother died too. Her parents, unable to live with the grief of losing both their children, took their own lives by ingesting poison. People say the family’s spirits are trapped in the house and other spirits as well.

Challenging – 65% Success Rate (with an average 7 clues used)

NOTE: An adult is required to accompany minors 12 and younger to play an escape game.

Save up to 47% depending on the size of your group!

# of Players Per Person Total Cost
2 $39.99 $79.98
3 $33.99 $101.97
4 $33.99 $135.96
5 $30.99 $154.95
6 $27.99 $167.94
7 $24.99 $174.93
8 $22.99 $183.92
9 $21.99 $197.91
10 $20.99 $209.90